Our Strategic Partners

For the benefit of its members, the SACEEC has a number of strategic partners, these include:

The Department of Trade, Industry and Competition

A dynamic industrial, globally competitive South African economy, characterised by meaningful economic transformation, inclusive growth and development, decent employment and equity, built on the full potential of all citizens.

The DTI´s mission is to:

Promote structural transformation, towards a dynamic industrial and globally competitive economy;

Provide a predictable, competitive, equitable and socially responsible environment, conducive to investment, trade and enterprise development;

Broaden participation in the economy to strengthen economic development; and

Continually improve the skills and capabilities of the dtito effectively deliver on its mandate and respond to the needs of South Africa’s economic citizens.

After careful examination of its institutional arrangements and capacity to fulfil its mandate,the dti has clustered its work on the basis of core themes, which collectively seek to promote a more effective and co-ordinated approach to implementation of the dti´s strategic objectives, for an enhanced and long-term impact on the South African economy and its citizenry.

Capital Equipment is an intermediary sector that manufactures and supplies components (such as materials handling, environmental control, manufacturing process, drilling digging earthmoving) and/or complete plants in the following customer groups: mining, agriculture, construction, other processing industries (such as machine tools, tooling, pressure vessels, cyclones, pumps and valves) as well as utilities. It is complimented by the capital equipment services sector which provides the design and construction portion of the provision of solutions. In order to be competitive maximum use is made of financial tools.

South African - Peruvian Chamber of Commerce

The SOUTH AFRICAN – PERUVIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (SAPCHAM) is an independent non-profit organisation, which links Peruvian companies and entrepreneurs interested in developing business with their counterparts in South Africa.

To become a strategic partner for business and investment decisions for our members and for those business associations and community members interested in establishing and strengthening links between South Africa and Peru.

The SOUTH AFRICAN – PERUVIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (SAPCHAM) is an organisation whose main objective is to promote and strengthen bilateral trade relations between South Africa and Peru; as well as to facilitate and promote cultural, scientific, artistic, educational and sports exchanges between both countries.

To effectively promote and develop commercial, scientific, artistic, educational and sporting activities between South Africa and Peru.

To encourage the development, mutual defence, support and progress of the activities of our members, who have in common commercial, professional and social interests with the Republic of South Africa.

To facilitate contact between entrepreneurs from South Africa and Peru.

Business consultancy.

To organise participation of the associates in international trade fairs, business meetings and trade missions.



Montt Group

Montt Group has offices in each of the most important markets in Latin America.  We offer a wide range of services including legal, consulting, economics, finance and accounting which are available individually or scalable as an integrated package with centralized management.  Our tailored approach to consolidated services has enabled Montt Group to establish a strong position in the region particularly as a business enabler and assisting the entry of new players.

Montt Group professionals are drawn from the industries in which our clients operate, allowing us to better understand your needs and provide greater support in developing our clients’ businesses.  This makes us the ideal partner to identify and exploit the opportunities present in our market.

Specialised Exhibitions – A Division Of The Montgomery Group

Marketers value the excellent opportunity that trade shows provide for onsite sales, valuable sales leads and increased brand awareness. They also know the importance of selecting the right show and the right show organiser.

Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery is the largest trade shows organiser in Southern Africa – and is the marketer’s first choice. We have also expanded our footprint in Africa with shows in Botswana and Zambia. We offer a wide portfolio of world-class shows across a broad spectrum of industries and deliver a good return on investment for exhibitors.

We have built a proud heritage over the past 50 years. Our experience and strong reputation brings confidence to our exhibitors. Our brand is synonymous with innovation, integrity and professionalism. We are a company that aspires to the highest possible service standards, with a focus on customer care.

Adding to our pedigree, Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery is wholly owned by the prestigious Montgomery Group, one of the most widely respected exhibition companies in the world with trade shows, consumer shows and specialist projects currently spanning Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Electra Mining Africa

Ranked as one of the world’s largest mining shows and the biggest mining, manufacturing, automation, electrical and power trade show in southern Africa, Electra Mining Africa has a proven track record for driving sales, sales leads and building brand awareness. They say that the trick to seeing the future is knowing where to look. Benefiting from almost five decades of accumulated experience since its inaugural show,

Electra Mining Africa has built a reputation for being the trade show that moves with the times and consistently delivers a good return on investment for exhibitors, even during challenging economic conditions.

From the latest in visitor activation’s, streamlined registration processes, foot traffic management systems, and intellectual content of the free-to attend seminars, to the opportunity for visitors to source new products and services, learn about the latest industry trends and developments and find new suppliers and distributors, there’s nothing quite like it. Visitors from across Africa are expected once again in their thousands as are hundreds of additional international visitors from around the globe.

Electra Mining Africa is a proudly South African brand and, more than just a mining show, it’s a trade show that belongs to all the interconnected industries it represents.

Creamer Media - Engineering News

Creamer Media was founded by Martin Creamer in 1981. On 13 March 1981, the first edition of Engineering News was published. Today, Creamer Media’s stable has grown to include Mining Weekly, Engineering News Online, MiningWeekly.com, Polity.org.za and online business databases the Research Channel Africa. News is generated from the main newsroom in Johannesburg with contributors in Australia, the United Kingdom, India a number of African countries.

Creamer Media’s mission is to provide accurate and timely information about economic developments, including in-depth reporting on industrial and mining project developments and on the policies and personalities shaping the real economy.

Creamer Media’s reportage is mainly based on South African developments, but the news team includes regular correspondents from other parts of Africa such as Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya and the rest of the world, including the United Kingdom, Australia and India.

Both the news magazine and online formats provide a unique forum where readers can find news and comment critical to business success in an increasingly competitive knowledge based global economy.

Engineering News & Mining Weekly is South Africa’s premier source of weekly real economy news on projects, products, policies, personalities in the industrial, mining, energy and services sectors.

Each week, 10 255 copies are circulated and read by 61 530 readers. In addition to retail sales, postal and hand deliveries to our subscribers, Engineering News & Mining Weekly has a carefully controlled airport and hotel distribution of 5 000 copies per week.

South African Oil & Gas Alliance

Serving the Interests of Industry and Members in the Upstream and Midstream Oil and Gas Sectors in Africa.

The South African Oil & Gas Alliance (SAOGA) is dedicated to promoting the upstream and midstream sectors of the oil and gas value chain, primarily in South Africa and regionally in Southern Africa.

The organisation operates as a partnership between the public and private sectors, receiving public funding to carry out a range of industry development activities and working to promote the interests of members. It is overseen by an independent volunteer Board of Directors from industry and a number of other key stakeholders.

Vuka Group

VUKA Group has an African-centric vision to bring people and organisations together to connect with information and each other. We create industry opportunities through targeted and curated digital and in-person environments.

Over the past 20 years we have offered a range of touch points, including:

  • In-person events: exhibitions, conferences and summits
  • Digital events, webinars
  • News media
  • Resource media
  • Research materials


The Department of International Relations and Cooperation’s (DIRCO) vision is an African continent, which is prosperous, peaceful, democratic, non-racial, non-sexist, and united and which contributes to a world that is just and equitable.

DIRCO’s mission is to formulate, coordinate, implement and manage South Africa’s foreign policy and international relations programmes and promote South Africa’s National Interest and values and the African Renaissance (and create a better world for all).

Strategic Priorities

  • Through bilateral and multilateral interactions protect and promote South African national interests and values
  • Conduct and coordinate South Africa’s international relations and promote its foreign policy objectives.
  • Monitor international developments and advise government on foreign policy and related domestic matters.
  • Protect South Africa’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.
  • Contribute to the formulation of international law and enhance respect for the provisions thereof.
  • Promote multilateralism to secure a rules-based international system.
  • Maintain a modern, effective, and excellence-driven department.
  • Provide consular services to South African nationals abroad.
  • Provide a world-class and uniquely South African State Protocol service.