The key functions of the South African Capital Equipment Export Council

Established in 2000 as a public private partnership between the South African Department of Trade, Industry and Competition and the capital equipment and related services industries, the SACEEC strives to:

Provide an unique platform for members to network and develop multi-company marketing and implementation strategies.

Provide critical and timely information to enhance members ability to make sound business and management decisions.

Assist its members to access global markets through facilitating National Pavilions, Individual Exhibitions, Outward Selling and Inward Buying Missions in a focused manner, to targeted customers.

Establish an effective public policy programme and act as an advocate on behalf of its members on issues unique to the mining, agriculture, construction, beneficiation and utilities sectors within the exporting context.

Through its members, the SACEEC can identify limits to growth and further engage key stakeholders regarding remedial action or the implementation of schemes to assist in positioning its members advantageously.

Assist individual companies to restructure or upgrade processes in order to ensure adherance to international best practice.

Be the the voice of the sector to government and the rest of the industry on export matters.

Facilitate collaboration between members, between sectors and all along the value chain.

Provide its members with leads and market information.

Assist its members to position themselves with potential customers they would otherwise not meet.