We invite South African companies to become members

Why join?

The SA Capital Equipment Export Council is uniquely positioned to assist our members to increase their international business and exports by:

Facilitating export growth
  • Providing quality market access
  • Specialised trade missions
  • Participating at international exhibitions
  • Designing, managing and funding export-related projects
  • Providing market research and logistical support
  • Assisting with government incentives
Supporting export development
  • Focused export training
  • Trade statistics analysis by product and country
  • Levering funding for specific projects
Promoting our members internationally
  • Building a brand for the South African manufacturing sector
  • Networking opportunities and workshops
Providing a formal gateway between government and business regarding trade
  • Addressing trade opportunities and issues by capitalising on our combined strengths
  • Influencing export policy and support schemes

Who can join ?

We invite the following companies to become members:

  • Companies who provide capital equipment, engineering, information technology and products or services; and
  • who are either a South African manufacturer, producer or service provider, or are a division, branch or local subsidiary of an international organisation whose product or service is produced or assembled in South Africa; and
  • who are currently exporting, or believe that their products and services have export potential.

The Council is uniquely positioned to facilitate export growth and globalisation

Who can become members ?

Those companies/individuals

  • engaged in RSA in the manufacture of capital equipment
  • providing finance to RSA companies
  • which design and/or manage capital projects which incorporate equipment supplied by any RSA capital equipment manufacturer
  • which are strategic suppliers to any member company
  • who supply goods and or services to any member company
  • who are users of the goods and/or services offered by any member of the company
  • whose activities are in some way related to the Export Council and its activities and who may be described as making up part of the Export Council’s business and social environment

Interested in Joining SACEEC?

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