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16 Birmingham Rd, Benoni South, 1501

Boikano Industries

Boikano Industries is a manufacturer and designer of steel related components used in mining, boreholes, power stations such as Eskom, railway and automotive industries


Mining and Boreholes industries Drilling(rigs) Equipment, Hammers, DTH /RC / Diamond Drilling Rods, Rod Ends, Coupling Adapters, Cross over & Saver Sub Automotive industry Wheel adapters, Disc drums, Wheel nuts and bolts, Suspension components. Engine accessories, Clamps, Truck and trailer parts, Towing devices Railway industry Axle wheels, Railway fasteners, Clamps, Other railways components as per specifications and requirements Power industry Fasteners, Washers, High Tensile Bolts and other Bolts, Thread Protector, Swaged Bolts, Hydra lock Other ad-hoc products Universal Puller, Any other products as per specification will be produced as the sky is not the limit at Boikano Industries (Pty) Ltd




  • Civils & Construction
  • Design & Project Management
  • Energy & Power Generation
  • Environmental Control
  • Mining
  • Transport

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